Monday, April 4, 2011

Sundae Sunday

It’s no surprise sundaes are an American favorite, but what may be a surprise to you is that yesterday (April 3, 2011) was the 119th Anniversary of the First Documented Ice Cream Sundae! I think I actually squealed when I logged in and saw the cute little logo below on Google!

One of my favorite traditions at our house is Sundae Sunday. Actually, I think all of us really love this tradition. Let me tell you a little bit about how this little tradition works at our house. First, we dig out any and everything we think might be good on our sundae.

I bet you think we just dig in after that, right? Wrong! We have one of our girls announce that Sundae Sunday has officially begun. (They are still young enough to enjoy this, but I’m sure this part of the tradition will eventually end.) It seems to add to the excitement of the whole thing for now. The girls love making their own crazy ice cream concoctions. We eat fairly healthy through the week, especially me (other than a piece of Dove dark chocolate that I sneak here and there-don’t judge me), but on Sunday calories just don’t count at my house. We are on a sugar high from our sundaes!

I can’t even begin to tell you how important I think family traditions are and this is really such a simple tradition that any of you can start! And it’s a lot cheaper than going out for ice cream every Sunday, even if you buy some of the extras like sprinkles or what have you. So next time, you’re at the grocery store pick up some ice cream and chocolate syrup and get ready to see smiles on your families face when you announce that Sunday is now Sundae Sunday. Trust me your family will thank you. And really, how can you resist?

Does your family have any great traditions you would like to share?